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Modesty and morality

The Bible and the Koran both tell us to dress modestly.  The material world advertises sex as love, which it is not.  Lust is a selfish desire to fulfil one's own desires.  Love is the desire to serve the needs of others.  In a loving marriage both can exist together.  The Materialist world quite literally advertises the opposite.  The fastest route to power for a young person is their sex appeal.

Looking at the gyrating hips of a pop star is looking at an Idol (Idolatry) and is lustful.  There is no desire to do the pop star any good, it is just a desire for sexual gratification with said pop star.

Immodest dress leads to immoral thoughts in undisciplined people.  Muslim's, to my mind wrongly, put the blame for the immoral thoughts on the person who is immodestly dressed.  I put the blame squarely on the lack of self-discipline.

Having said that self-discipline is something that takes time to learn, which is why being modestly dressed is important in both books.  Lying on a beach almost completely naked is being immodestly dressed.

It provokes in a lot of Muslim minds an implication of immorality, whether there is immorality there or not.  Given that 94% of Britain’s are not religious the immorality could be very real.

I write this not to excuse the attacks in Tunisia but to explain them.  If you want to stand out as a Christian; dress modestly, even on the beach.

Remember that Pop Idols and Fashion models and film stars are mostly Satanists, whether they know it or not.  They want people to worship them and not God.  Some say I feel possessed when on stage.  Quite probably they are.

Give trust a chance

Why do physicists think mathematical equations rule the world when politicians have proved that lies do a much better job?

Logical equations mean nothing to nations, unless you’re counting the economy or soldiers and have not miscounted.

Have you seen the lesser spotted gecko?  He may be hiding because neither did the cat.

Have you seen the lesser spotted God?  Does not mean he is not there. It just means that you have not spotted him yet.  May be he thinks you’re the cat?

An army is useless if you do not know where the enemy is, which is why terrorists are such an economical fighting force.

Knowledge is mightier than the gun but only when the woman with the gun does not know where you are and that you are an enemy.

Economists get it right 20% of the time.  Astrologers 50%.  Guessing is as good as numbers.

Sharing knowledge means sharing trust. Give trust a chance!

Practical use of the Word.

The Word is used for sharing knowledge.

The simplest way of sharing knowledge is currently the internet.

There are two ways of distributing knowledge one is called pulling that is going to Google or any other search engine and typing in what you want and it returns the information ususally in the top 2 or 3 items in your list this is very effective at getting the information you want.

The second way is pushing information.  This is usually used by advertisers and quite often is for information you do not want but get any how as the price you have to pay for using a free service.

The loving way to share information is to pull information and make all information pullable.

This means instead of plumbers advertising their services you advertise that you need a plumber and the plumbers pull the available work.  This does not just go for plumbers if you want any service you need to advertise that you need that service then people who provide that service can search for new work.

This not only restricted to individuals it could be companies requiring services or it could be scientists with scientific problems such as the extinction of bees needing unkown solutions.

These problems with unkown solutions need engineers or other scientist to search through these problems and think of a solution for them.  It could easily be the same scientist or engineer who comes up with a proiject to solve the problem.  This will create new projects which often need funding

So you advertise that you need funding so entrepreneurs can choose which projects they want to fund and a new business is born.  Those entrepreneurs can be corporations individuals or multiple individuals or whole communities.  It is a genuinely democratic way of choosing which project gets funded because anyone can choose what they want to invest in and invest in it assuming the projerct gets enough backers to actually take off.

I would like someone to set up a website based on this idea and I need a lawyer to work on the legal aspects and it will need financial backing to start it.

I would like it to be a non-profit co-operative organisation that is owned by the members and people who invest in it get back there money partly as a % of their investment and partly as a per capita basis.  This is to cover the cost of connecting poorer members.

Members can get money for advertising on their web-pages and from investing in ideas.

Any would be profit is reinvested in expanding the internet using sustainable power and Compressed Air storage to spread the gift of the Word to as many people as possible.

This may not seem the best way to feed the poor of the world but people in China are already displacing people in the west by taking them on in this virtual world and working for less money.  All it takes is a connection and some education which comes free on the internet and hey presto anyone in the world can do a lot of the computer jobs to day.

Yes it does mean there will be more competition but there will also be more opportunities too.

What is in a Word?

The English definition of a a word is a symbol used to share meaning.

Let us look at that cyclical definition.

A symbol is anything used to share meaning e.g. letters are used to translate between the written and spoken word; normal words used in every day use;  drawings such as hieroglyphs; gestures such as a kiss to betray Jesus; events such as a marriage used to start a rebellion; Pheromone trails used by ants to find food and dances used by bees to find nectar the list is endless.  This definition is slightly broader than the standard definition of a symbol, which restricts to human symbols.

The most important part of the word is the sharing of meaning without the sharing it stops being a word.  Some people say that you cannot use words in lies  because you are not sharing meaning. That is the lies make the words meaningless.

A meaning is expressed by any combination or permutation of words.  They can be nonsensical, lies paradoxes, temporary truth such as it is raining or permanent self-consistent truth.  One search for this self-consistent truth is called mathematics another is integrity in your life.

Given that without words we can have no thoughts, nor reason, nor philosophy, nor mathematics and that some physicists, such as Max Tegmark, believe "The Universe is nothing but pure mathematics"; this implies that without the word nothing exists with them with them everything exists.

Given this thesis that existence is based on words and using the naming convention that the set of all words and thus meanings is  known as The WORD.  Let us investigate this WORD.

There is nowhere and nothing whether abstract, fictitious in your imagination or physical that is not made up of words or controlled by words. So The WORD contains them.  So The WORD is everywhere that is it is omnipresent.

Given that the set of all words contains all knowledge and all intelligent beings The WORD knows everything that is it is omniscient.  It also contains all intelligence so in all probability very wise, tending to infinitely wise.

Given that The WORD contains all possible out comes including what we would normally call the fictitious ones, then The WORD is omnipotent because all outcomes are possible even if we do not know how to get from one point to the other; certainly it is not obvious from our mathematical understanding of Science.

Given that The WORD is a set of symbols used for sharing meanings these symbols are as eternal in meaning as 1 + 1 = 2, which was true before the Universe began and will be true after the Universe ends. That means The WORD has existed before the beginning of physical time and will exist well beyond the end of physical time.  IT JUST IS.  The WORD is eternal.

Lastly words are symbol used for sharing meaning.  You share things to cooperate to be a team.  Cooperation is a form of love.  Without knowledge we have nothing to share nor know anyone to share it with.  I would ask you which political blocks whether trade blocks, alliances or religious groups are succeeding best. I think you will find it is the ones that cooperate the most.

However, one does have a choice, camouflage for a Tiger deceiving its prey.  North Korea is grand standing and threatening its neighbours.  Are they doing well on the World scene? Unfortunately not.  I hope they learn to cooperate soon.

The normal use of words is for the benefit of the community and is normally benign.  So on the whole The WORD is benign, except where we use our free will to abuse words and mislead people by corrupting symbols from their proper use.

So The WORD is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, eternal benign and the foundation of existence.  The WORD has all the classic attributes of God the Great I AM.

The name God With Us, or Jesus, is just re-iterating this fact that God is with us.  There is not any single part of us that is not a part of God.  The Eternal God could very easily look at all the words that make us before time existed and see the whole of us from the inside and outside, from cradle to grave.

I believe there is no single part of God that is not available to us if we want it.  All we need to do is ask through prayer and our prayer will be answered.
In the beginning was The WORD and The WORD was with God and The WORD was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made. and without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind, and the light shone in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.

John 1:1-5

The emphasis on WORD is mine but otherwise this is verbatim from the Bible. The WORD is God and is with God because no word stands alone.

If now you understand these thoughts and think they are reasonable then may be you should consider bowing to the Great I AM because God is With us, inside and out.

Jesus or in the Hebrew Jeshua means "God With Us" also called Emmanuel.

At the name of Jesus "God With us" every knee will bow.

Just pray


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