The word was left for you


An Introduction to the search for the love of God in abstract existence.

An introduction
To the search
For the love of God
In abstract existence
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.  In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.
St John 1:1-4
Without words, we have no thoughts, nor reason. Without reason there is no philosophy, nor mathematics.  Some theoretical Physicists hold that: “The Universe is nothing but pure abstract mathematics.” If that is so, without words nothing exists, with them everything exists.

The idea that existence is based on The Word and not mathematics is not new, as the quote from the Bible reminds us, this idea is well over 2000 years old.  Originally proposed by the Jews in The Bible between (4004 BC) circa 6020 years ago and up to approximately 10,000 years ago, if one supposes there are gaps in the genealogies. God and The Word have been interchangeable symbols for the same meaning in those scriptures for a very long time.  It was also proposed independently by Plato's forms circa 370 BC.

The reason for writing this is that physicists believe that the definition of the Universe is limited to pure mathematics. However, my point is that mathematics is grown out of words. Mathematics weeds out the inconsistencies and paradoxes. So mathematics is a smaller subset of words.  Abstract existence extends beyond mathematics to include all words. That difference is huge.

The English definition of a word is a symbol used to share meanings. Symbols are anything used to share meanings, including letters, normal words, pictures, gestures, pheromone trails for ants and pollen dances for bees.

Words fall into five distinct sets:
  1. Nonsense - the chaos of the beginning of the Universe - more recently used in rhymes and love songs.
  2. Lies or errors - intentionally or unintentionally deceive others as first used by life in camouflage. Some would hold that while lies use symbols, the symbols lose their status as words because they do not share meaning. However the lies can be talked about and as such are words in their own right.
  3. Paradoxes - that area of thought where analytical thought is needed for the first time to discover if it is a paradox or not.  For example the simplest: "This is false." It is neither true nor false it is a paradox.
  4. Every day truth, such as: It is raining. It may be true today but it is not a requirement of existence that it be true tomorrow.
  5. Lastly, things which are essentially true such as 2/2 = 1.  It was true from the beginning of time and will be true forever more.  Pure mathematics is a part of this self consistent truth that takes you step by step proof by proof to more and more true statements that can be used to create computers, aeroplanes or spaceships.
Pure mathematics assumes certain things are true.  These assumptions are called axioms. The axioms are believed to be true because they are evidently true. They match the real world.  That is they have not caused any false statements or paradoxes in our understanding of the world.

Please note that it took over 2100 years to spot the first, and so far only wrong, axiom.  That is Euclid's axiom that given a straight line and a point, not on that straight line: There is only 1 straight line that does not eventually touch the first line. That the second line is said to be parallel to the first line.

It was the 18th century before mathematicians saw the possibility that Euclidean axiom might be wrong if the underlying space were bent and it was only in the 20th century that astronomers "scientifically proved" that we live in a non-Euclidean Universe because gravity bends the fabric of space.  Although for all practical purposes on Earth we might as well be in a Euclidean geometry as the differences are so small. The differences are only visible at cosmological scales.

These axioms are the foundation of accepted mathematical statements.

From those axioms mathematics creates logical statements that is statements that are true, false, or paradoxes using nothing but the logical tools of "and", "or", "not" and occasionally "exclusive or" that is one and only one of two statements has to be true.  These logical operators combine the accepted mathematical statements into new statements.  It then excludes the false and paradoxical statements and includes the true statements into accepted mathematical statements as "logically proven to be true".  The whole of mathematics is built this way excluding the false and paradoxes and including the logically proven true ones.

But the false statements and the paradoxes still exist they are a part of the abstract existence of our conversations, dreams and imaginations.
Theoretical physics expects the physical Universe to be a part of pure mathematics.  Yet you cannot develop mathematics without words and you cannot exclude words from the Universe.  They exist in the Universe and have physical effects on the Universe.  Terry Pratchett would not have been so rich if he had not got a vivid inconsistent mind. Those inconsistencies in his thoughts earned him a physical reward.

This is looking at the possibility that we have to go back to the word as the foundation of the Universe to explain life. J. K. Rowling is also rich.  These are two physical experiments, the life and works of Terry Pratchett and J. K. Rowling , prove to my mind the Universe is based on words and not mathematics.

This is very fundamental form of communication theory. It suggests that every physical state also has a meaning attached to it as well, which falls into one of those five categories, mentioned earlier.

Science is based on finding patches of self consistent truth and trying to connect them; bringing them together to make a larger self consistent body of knowledge.

This is a quick look at the implications of how changing the foundation from mathematics to words, that is symbols and their shared meanings changes our understanding of existence.

If existence is founded on the word, then words are always present, they contain all knowledge and are contain all outcomes so could be thought of as all powerful and by and large benevolent because they are used for sharing information and the whole of existence just looked at as a collection of words is timeless and eternal.  May be this difference in foundation unveils all the attributes of God?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 In The Beginning
Chapter 2 What is thought?
Chapter 3 Intelligence
Chapter 4 Life as we know it
Chapter 5 An introduction to infinity
Chapter 6 Your eternal soul
Chapter 7 A basic introduction to quantum
Chapter 8 M theory heaven and earth
Chapter 9 Why quantum mechanics? because of the Judgement Day
Chapter 10 The multiverse and other places
Chapter 11 Understanding god
Chapter 12 Understanding religion
Chapter 13 A Childs prayer, a day dream