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Chapter 8 M-Theory, Heaven and Earth?

Chapter 8 M-Theory, Heaven and Earth?

Is the universe actually a giant quantum computer? According to Seth Lloyd—Professor of Quantum-Mechanical Engineering at MIT and originator of the first technologically feasible design for a working quantum computer—the answer is yes. This wonderfully accessible book illuminates the professional and personal paths that led him to this remarkable conclusion.
Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd

As in a play we need to introduce the characters one by one to get a sense of who is who and to get to the enthralling story of quantum mechanics and M-Theory.

M-Theory is an attempt to join quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity and in particular gravity. Remember these are just theories or educated guesses as how physics actually works.

No one can actually link quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. They both match reality nigh on perfectly in the domains they refer to the very small and the absolutely huge measurements of the cosmos. However putting them together with our current equations would mean the Universe would have instantaneously collapsed and we would not exist.

We do exist so we know that one or more probably both theories are wrong in some way.  M-theory is the search for that unified set of equations that works at the huge cosmological scale and the tiny sub atomic scales while leaving Earth as a viable place for us to live on some where in the middle of these two ranges. M-theory changes almost every year as people find contradictions that exclude certain options and narrows the search to a different set of possibilities.

According to current M-Theory in our Universe the smallest unit of measurement is the Planck length.  The Plank length is the number 1 for measuring the quantum world.

It also states that our Universe is made up of lots and lots of p-branes.  Each p-brane is almost exactly a Plank length long in each direction and there are as many as 1.7x10156 p-branes in the visible Universe a truly colossal number, so colossal I may be out by a factor of a quadrillion and it would hardly matter to our understanding of it.

The number of dimensions in M-Theory has gone up to 11 back down to 10 and is currently back at 11, in to my mind misleadingly named "The strong coupling limit of superstring theory in ten dimensions".

According the current version of M-Theory we live in an eleven dimensional space.  P-branes are 9 dimensional objects.

The p-branes that touch our Universe are not all seen as 9 dimensional. Some of them touch at a corner so we just see a point others we just see along one edge and others are further immersed into our Universe like a box into a swimming pool:

The more immersed in our Universe they are the more dimensions we see.

According to Calabi and Yau two very clever mathematicians there is a mapping, The Calabi Yau Manifold, into and out of these p-branes which the Universe can pass through and there could be Universes already on the other side.  It could be possible that at the end of time the Universe may disappear into a p-brane and bounce out the other side.

Here is a point of perspective when is the inside the outside?  In Calabi Yau manifolds it is impossible to tell if you are inside or outside the manifold. The further you go into a p-brane apparently the more room there is just as in the y = 1/x.  It is possible these 1.7 x 10156 p-branes are actually complete universes inside our Universe.   Our Universe just got a lot bigger.  Those p-branes may be connected to more p-branes within themselves we really do not have a clue how big the Universe is. I suspect it is truly infinite because these p-branes are as big on the inside as on the outside.  While we cannot usefully measure sub-Planck lengths in this Universe measuring sub-Planck lengths from  within p-branes has just become a very valid thing to do.  Going back to our understanding of infinity and there is as much space within any volume and outside it is the same rewrites quantum mechanics.

According to the currently theory p-branes vibrate and have harmonics. The p-branes has energy dependent on its frequency and tension.  All the other particles are made up of p-branes vibrating at different frequencies and under different tensions.  These two parameters give p-brane all the other features usually associated with a sub-atomic particle such as mass, electric charge, weak force and strong force.

P-branes may be our Universe’s dendrites branches into other Universes and our Universe may have an Axon in an even bigger entity, thus making the whole system whatever it is called would be truly intelligent. 

However, just because the Universe may be intelligent does not mean that it is the mind of God.  Remember God includes all abstract worlds including, for example, 15 dimensional, 27 dimensional or 17,343 dimensional worlds. God is truly limitless.  To suggest that there is equality with God in and the visible Universe seems ridiculous.

However, the fact that a complete image of the outside can be held from within does imply that God can be within it and it be within him.