The word was left for you


Introduction to the rest of the site.

An introduction to Plato.  Without the Word we cannot exist:
The Word
Equating the Word to God as the foundation of all existence. St John1:1-5

A twelve Page  Look at the Word or God:
An introduction to the search for the love of God in abstract existence
A deeper look into these ideas following the logical argument as to why this is true.

The full thesis in word format can be obtained on request just post a comment.
 It takes 30+ minutes to load as HTML.

A slightly boring but very detailed study of how to drive economically:
The fine art of driving gently
It took over two years of studying my driving habits to write.

A radical look at the possibilities of applying love to business and sustainability Love is the answer to peak oil
Something I wrote a while ago and needs a lot more work to become a viable business plan. It needs God's blessing before it can happen.