The word was left for you


Ariana Grande sings that she is a Satanist.

Firstly and most importantly I wish to share my sympathies with those who died or who were injured at Ariana's concert, their families and friends. Also to those who had to deal with clearing away the bodies and taking the wounded to hospital and those who have seen death and mayhem up close and personal for the first time, even if they were not physically injured themselves.  Mental scars can be just as hard to heal.

Everything here is an opinion and a generalization. Please do not take offence if you disagree with this comment.

Here is an example of Arianna's songs (WARNING to Christians, Muslims and religious folk in general: This does contain immodestly dressed people and a declaration of Satanism. Skip the link if any of this would offend you but then you have to take my next statement on faith.

Listen to the words. This Is one of Ariana's songs at one point and she sings: "I will make a deal with the devil."

Is it surprising that Muslims take offence at her songs and think of her and her fans as Satanists?

Certainly she and her team do not dress modestly as a God fearing person should.

Unfortunately Muslims take these things very seriously and are down right violent about imposing their opinion. It may not be all Muslims but do this show in a Muslim Country and the performers would almost certainly be beheaded.

As a Christian I would advise everyone to pay attention to the words of songs you listen not only personally on the radio, but also in shops and the songs your children listen to. Making deals with the devil should not be taken lightly and I would hope they were not a part of main stream popular music.  I would certainly censor any such song in my house.  That is I do not approve either but I am not going to go arround killing people because of it.

Non-religious folk may not worry about these things but doing so you are running not only the wrath of Muslims but also the wrath of God assuming he does, contrary to your belief, exist.  Muslims are much more likely to attack amoral shows.

Taking the lives of young people, should also not be taken lightly. I am fairly certain that most of the people at the Ariana concert last night were not die hard Satanists. Just young people growing up in a hedonistic society.

I would ask our Muslim friends to be less literal.  I would also ask them to stop killing people because you cannot save a dead person. If a sinner is alive then there is a chance that they can become god fearing.

I would also hope that Muslims discover God as a Loving rather than an angry God and become Christians, but then being one I think that goes without saying.