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Chapter 10 The multiverse and other places

Chapter 10 The multiverse and other places

“All what is existing, already existed. We are together for a while pondering in agile world.”
Santosh Kalwar

The multiverse is a hypothetical explanation of quantum mechanics.  I say hypothetical, because while most scientists agree that the Universe is a multiverse. That is to say we live in a universe which is a branch of an infinitely branching multiverse.  In other words we live in a universe of many possible universes. It is unclear which of the many theories is correct.  So the actual definition of what a multiverse is may well not agree with any of the theories we have so far.

In general the theory goes that at every decision the multiverse branches and there is a parallel universe for every possible choice.  Strictly speaking all the branches have always existed and the only reason it looks to us like a branch is that on a subjective level we live in time and cannot see the other branches just the branch we chose to live in.  At an external level outside time you are just at a different part of the tree.

For the time being I am assuming that we do live in a multiverse.

As shown by the discussion on M-Theory the most popular framework under exploration at the moment this potentially gives rise to an intelligent cosmos; certainly eminent physicists think so.

In the multiverse every action can happen and so a universe exists for it to happen in.
People play computer games every day. Each game has its own laws of physics and has its own form of intelligence and communication.

It is also a computer in its own right as it has its input, memory, output the thinking bit in the middle and the updated memory, it has become a thinking cosmic particle.

A few years ago people would not have understood this analogy.  However mathematics is a huge domain in which life and thinking beings could exist.  There is no reason for the Multiverse to be the only set of equations in which life exists or stories.  We bring characters life in a book and similarly we can create computer games to create characters and give them a life to live or die in.

The programming languages of computers are a huge place for life to thrive.  When we restrict ourselves to the Word as opposed to mathematics the possibilities are truly limitless.  There is no reason why intelligence should be limited to our multiverse.
“The Great I am”, “The Set of Everything that exists” also includes all these nooks and crannies of intelligence.

All of which are logically connected by communication even if they can never physically come into contact.

So the mind of God is larger than the mind of the Universe.  However if the Universe has omniscience then it will be equivalent to God because He will be in us and we in Him because we can talk to every part of him and pray to every part of him. 

So this is an indication that everyone in the multiverse will look at some part of God and indeed every part of God will be looked at by someone.

If this is the case then the Universe as a whole is omniscient and so has God in it and it is in God quite literally.