The word was left for you


Practical use of the Word.

The Word is used for sharing knowledge.

The simplest way of sharing knowledge is currently the internet.

There are two ways of distributing knowledge one is called pulling that is going to Google or any other search engine and typing in what you want and it returns the information ususally in the top 2 or 3 items in your list this is very effective at getting the information you want.

The second way is pushing information.  This is usually used by advertisers and quite often is for information you do not want but get any how as the price you have to pay for using a free service.

The loving way to share information is to pull information and make all information pullable.

This means instead of plumbers advertising their services you advertise that you need a plumber and the plumbers pull the available work.  This does not just go for plumbers if you want any service you need to advertise that you need that service then people who provide that service can search for new work.

This not only restricted to individuals it could be companies requiring services or it could be scientists with scientific problems such as the extinction of bees needing unkown solutions.

These problems with unkown solutions need engineers or other scientist to search through these problems and think of a solution for them.  It could easily be the same scientist or engineer who comes up with a proiject to solve the problem.  This will create new projects which often need funding

So you advertise that you need funding so entrepreneurs can choose which projects they want to fund and a new business is born.  Those entrepreneurs can be corporations individuals or multiple individuals or whole communities.  It is a genuinely democratic way of choosing which project gets funded because anyone can choose what they want to invest in and invest in it assuming the projerct gets enough backers to actually take off.

I would like someone to set up a website based on this idea and I need a lawyer to work on the legal aspects and it will need financial backing to start it.

I would like it to be a non-profit co-operative organisation that is owned by the members and people who invest in it get back there money partly as a % of their investment and partly as a per capita basis.  This is to cover the cost of connecting poorer members.

Members can get money for advertising on their web-pages and from investing in ideas.

Any would be profit is reinvested in expanding the internet using sustainable power and Compressed Air storage to spread the gift of the Word to as many people as possible.

This may not seem the best way to feed the poor of the world but people in China are already displacing people in the west by taking them on in this virtual world and working for less money.  All it takes is a connection and some education which comes free on the internet and hey presto anyone in the world can do a lot of the computer jobs to day.

Yes it does mean there will be more competition but there will also be more opportunities too.