The word was left for you


Give trust a chance

Why do physicists think mathematical equations rule the world when politicians have proved that lies do a much better job?

Logical equations mean nothing to nations, unless you’re counting the economy or soldiers and have not miscounted.

Have you seen the lesser spotted gecko?  He may be hiding because neither did the cat.

Have you seen the lesser spotted God?  Does not mean he is not there. It just means that you have not spotted him yet.  May be he thinks you’re the cat?

An army is useless if you do not know where the enemy is, which is why terrorists are such an economical fighting force.

Knowledge is mightier than the gun but only when the woman with the gun does not know where you are and that you are an enemy.

Economists get it right 20% of the time.  Astrologers 50%.  Guessing is as good as numbers.

Sharing knowledge means sharing trust. Give trust a chance!