The word was left for you


An eternity without sex

There is only one reason for sex and that is to replace our perishable bodies.  If we lived for ever there would be no need nor I suspect desire for sex.

If your eternal soul living in Paradise lives for ever, why would you want children? To replace yourself and inherit the earth after your death? As your eternal soul will last for ever and creating children just leads to over crowding. There is no point in having sex or even sexual organs in Paradise.

God made our earthly bodies for a life followed by death. So our children can inherit the earth and their children after them.  This is the fallen creation where everything is corrupted and death was let in. Our sexual organs hormones and desires are created for life within the fallen Creation.  To replace us with new generations.

This is one reason, I believe, the Muslim idea of paradise with many virgins given to every man just does not add up.  In the first place there are not that many virgins in the second place in a perfect heaven there would be no need for sex.

We Christians imagine God The Father and the angels as mainly masculine figures, when in fact God the Father does not need a wife as he is everything there cannot be a wife outside him. He has to be a sexless God.

We as the Churh are described as the Bride of Christ.  That does not mean we are women. That refers to the love shared with him. He loves from the inside out and the outside in.  It is the intimacy of his love for us and our love for him that is being expressed.  The closest to which we can understand on Earth is the love of husband and wife.