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Modesty and morality

The Bible and the Koran both tell us to dress modestly.  The material world advertises sex as love, which it is not.  Lust is a selfish desire to fulfil one's own desires.  Love is the desire to serve the needs of others.  In a loving marriage both can exist together.  The Materialist world quite literally advertises the opposite.  The fastest route to power for a young person is their sex appeal.

Looking at the gyrating hips of a pop star is looking at an Idol (Idolatry) and is lustful.  There is no desire to do the pop star any good, it is just a desire for sexual gratification with said pop star.

Immodest dress leads to immoral thoughts in undisciplined people.  Muslim's, to my mind wrongly, put the blame for the immoral thoughts on the person who is immodestly dressed.  I put the blame squarely on the lack of self-discipline.

Having said that self-discipline is something that takes time to learn, which is why being modestly dressed is important in both books.  Lying on a beach almost completely naked is being immodestly dressed.

It provokes in a lot of Muslim minds an implication of immorality, whether there is immorality there or not.  Given that 94% of Britain’s are not religious the immorality could be very real.

I write this not to excuse the attacks in Tunisia but to explain them.  If you want to stand out as a Christian; dress modestly, even on the beach.

Remember that Pop Idols and Fashion models and film stars are mostly Satanists, whether they know it or not.  They want people to worship them and not God.  Some say I feel possessed when on stage.  Quite probably they are.